Help Phoenix Avoid Disastrous Results by Providing Support for Our City’s Youth!

There are currently 14,500 children in the foster care system in Phoenix. Around 800 of them are set to turn 18 and ‘age out’ of the system this year. That’s a huge problem.

When kids leave the foster system, they lose the support of the state and the basic needs for which it provides. They have no family unit to help guide them and haven’t yet gained the skills needed to make it on their own. Many become homeless, almost half never finish high school and half are unemployed by age 24. The eventual results will be disastrous for each of these youngsters and for our community-at-large. Our agency believes this is unacceptable and we want to help!

A significant number of aged-out youth must have ongoing basic needs support, as well as help completing high school, pursuing vocational training or attending college. Ascend Phoenix feels the urge to meet this need. In the last two years, they have housed 5 of these youths and are ready to expand to meet our city’s desperate need.

We’ve set a goal of $500 to help Ascend Phoenix serve more of our city’s aged-out youth and you can help! Each and every time you recommend a friend or family member to us for an insurance quote, we will donate $10 to Ascend Phoenix on your behalf. You could be instrumental in providing these kids with real hope!
Getting involved has never been so simple, or free!

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