Hi there. This is Leslie at Allstate Insurance in Avondale, Arizona. I just wanted to hop on and answer just a brief question about insurance. One of the questions that we always get is, why is my insurance going up? Yeah, it’s a good question and we always want to stay within budget and try to save some money where we can, and it is frustrating where we do see those increases. But I wanted to shed some light into our industry and the way we work a little bit. The biggest reason that we do see a price increase would be in claims. Year after year, we do see those claims and those amounts go up higher and higher. Medical expenses are really expensive, and then also the type of vehicle we drive are very expensive. So each of those things that would be covered in the claim, it just increases more and more. Obviously, we have to keep up with those costs so that’s why you’ll see an increase on your policy.
The most recent thing that we’ve seen change here in Arizona would be the changing coverages. If you had the 15/30 and bodily injury and 10,000 in property damage coverage on your policy before, that’s actually no longer available. Starting July 1st. We did see that increase go from 25/50 in bodily injury and 15,000 in property damage. So you are going to be paying for more insurance in case you are in an accident. If you do have anything specifically that you’d like to go over your policy, please feel free to give us a call here at 623-239-1250 and we can go into the questions with you and see if maybe Allstate’s a good option for you. Thank you so much for taking the time and have a great day.

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