Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane Insurance for Residents in High-Risk Areas

Your homeowner’s insurance does not protect you from hurricane damages. You need a separate hurricane-related policy if you live in a high-risk area. People who live in coastal or low-level areas that flood easily should consider hurricane insurance. Learn more about your insurance options and select a plan before the next hurricane season comes.

Benefits of Coverage

The process of filing an insurance claim is stressful for any homeowner. You see damages and expect that every repair is covered under a homeowner’s policy. Soon enough, you realize that you lack the coverage to pay for bills that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Hurricane insurance gives you peace of mind long before the settlement check comes in the mail.

Types of Coverage

Hurricane coverage is included in many homeowner’s insurance policies, but you may need additional policies, such as flood, wind or hail insurance. With enough protection, cover various damages caused by hurricane forces, such as violent winds, flooding, hail, and airborne debris.

Every homeowner’s insurance policy has different inclusions and exclusions. Your policy helps you pay for storm-related property damages, damaged personal belongings, and alternative living expenses. Policyholders must know their options because they are not allowed more coverage after the storm hits.

The premium is determined by the type of house and the amount of the deductible. Homeowners receive discounts if they reduce risks by boarding up the house, installing roof clips, etc.

How the Process Works

Every hurricane policy has specific terms and conditions. There might be a 72-hour clause that comes into effect after a national hurricane alert. During this time, the insurance company guarantees to cover any damages that occur.

Some insurance companies have been wiped out trying to cover a neighborhood full of damaged houses. For single storms, billions of dollars in claim money are issued, which means that insurers are less likely to give out fair claims. They also charge higher deductibles to take on fewer risks. Researching the different policies is necessary to get the right amount of coverage and compensation you need.